Free Woman

Journey of A Lifetime

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| 39 and Holding |

|He asked, ‘What’s left?’


She was everything 

If you asked her how old she was?

She would say, ’39 and holding.’

On my birthday

I walked up to her casket

Shocked as realized that I had turned 39 years old 

He asked, ‘What’s left?’

I realized I needed a fresh start

Spirit gave me a new name: Free Woman

I went on a healing journey to embody my name

A sacred quest for freedom

Ownership of my power in the face of inheritance

At the sites of Slavery/ Genocide/ Femicide 

In America / Africa / Latin America 

I meditated | prayed | opened my heart

For years…


I asked Spirit, ‘How do you love after betrayal?’

The words came on the wind:

What’s left?

I thought for a long time and said to my intangible inheritance:


The wind blew through the trees

The limbs nodded in agreement

The ancestors rejoiced

And then I 

Danced the dance of freedom

Free Woman  | Be Free

Heal Your Inheritance 



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