501 (C) (3): Healing Activism Reading 

After working in the non-profit sector, for over 15 years, Free Woman is bridging her practical experience with her spiritual insight through offering energy readings to leaders of non-profit organizations. 
Healing Activism readings provides you with a spiritual assessment of your organization that allows you to identify and heal root energy patterns that undermine the structures and systems of your organization. 
  • Clear energy blocks to fundraising, effective board development and powerful alliances and strategic partnerships
  • Get clear on strategic planning and direction
  • Develop yourself as a leader through energy management
  • Heal energy patterns that support unhealthy work environments and power dynamics, high staff turn over and inter-personal tension, ineffective community programming and chronic under-funding
Through energy work, you have the power to create sustainable organizational growth and development, co-worker cohesion and effective and powerful change in the world. 
Timing: 1 hour reading and 15 to 30 minute energy healing
Long distance reading available through Skype
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