Free Woman

How does the story begin?

Maybe there is no beginning

Maybe it always was

We are

When we realize we are

We become

When we acknowledge who we are

I don’t think I had any idea

What would happen to me

When I stepped in the water

All I knew

Was that I wanted freedom

From all the pain | hurt | the despair

If you would have told me that my problem was slavery

I would have thought you were crazy

What does slavery have to do with now?

The preacher woman said:

‘Your life will never be the same’

As I sat in the water to be baptized

That was the understatement of the century

When I was baptized

I was in the midst of a 17 year healing journey

It would take me another 8 years after being baptized

For me to understand my SOUL PURPOSE:

The pain was not here to hurt me

The pain was here to heal me

The pain was here for me to help others

The pain was here asking for completion

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