beware the tears of a white woman

beware the tears of a white woman2
He said, ‘Beware the tears of a white woman.’ I was in South Africa at the time.  He knew. He knew all about power. privilege. race. class and POWER. Siting in the complexity. What is sisterhood? Critical tears that were shed to bring alarm to wide scale sexual assault. Tears that were shed in false accusations that burned down whole communities. Patriarchy. Privilege. Protection. Powerless. Female. How do these co- exist simultaneously? Take this dynamic to Africa? The result is a book of poetry filled with mind blowing stories…and sometimes it is just downright hysterical!  Through poetry I ask the questions: How do we be a source of healing in the face of historical gender, race, class and power dynamics through our everyday engagement and travel in the world? We love ourselves completely. 
A percentage of all sales goes to support Rape Crisis 
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