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Healing Slavery

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Answer the Call 

In December 2017


The call came

‘Follow the slave trade’

I had already spent 9 months

Answering the call to visit places of

war | colonization | genocide

across Africa

‘Follow the slave trade’

My eyes flew open

‘Follow the slave trade?’

The idea would not let me go

The more I thought about it

The more it made sense

I am a fourth generation descendant of an enslaved woman named Fannie

Hadn’t I spent time in Mexico and South Africa?

I did not realize until after the fact

Every place I had been called to 

Was a place of slave rebellion and uprising?

Is it possible Spirit is asking something to get free through me 

Maybe this is the next step

I did not know much about the former East Africa slave Trade

I went to the archives and began reading

A vortex of time opened

Then and now

The same time

The pain visceral and real in my body

Hurt carried through space and time in me

How do you complete?

Seemed to me that my personal freedom

Was linked to the collective

My work was to figure out how to get free of ancestral trauma in present time

I would have to follow the slave trade to get the answer

The Energy of Completion 


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