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Heal the Healers

Energy Management for Sensitive People Committed to Social Change Activism

Network | Retreat | Travel |  Wisdom School 

Learn how to manage your sensitivity and thrive!

Gift Identification |  Gift Ownership | Gift Management | Spirit Guides | Business Growth and Development| Grounding | Letting Go | Feelings Management

You Choose Your Level of Freedom

Level 1: Spiritual Gifts : We identify the spiritual gifts and your soul purpose 

Level 2:  Gift Management: Learn how to manage sensitivity so that you can thrive 

Level 3: Solo Practitioner: We focus on healing as a business to support personal growth and development 

Together we create a space of attention and intention that includes your ancestors to support you in owning your gifts and offering them to a planet on terms that allow you to thrive and fulfill your soul purpose

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Who Brings Light to the Light Bringers?


90 Minutes  |      300 USD      |       Long distance by phone or skype      |      Testimonials


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