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We all have ancestors. We all have inheritance. Heal Yours.

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I Am Earth

Ownership of the Body

Do you have the energy for ten more years of activism?

I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling overwhelmed, pulled in so many different directions, discerning how I can help when so many need my help. Traditional activism sent me the message that sacrificing my body for the cause was the same thing as solidarity and commitment. I looked around and my peers were exhausted too. I went to sacred spaces and while there was acknowledgement of Spirit, there was a denial of systemic oppression. I wanted both: My body and the cause.  I wanted it all: my body, the cause, acknowledgement of systemic and structural oppression and violence and SPIRIT. I Am Earth was my answer.

We use energy work to cope with loss, to own the power we do have and to accept what is while remaining centered and grounded in our own feel good even as we acknowledge what is happening in the world.

STEP 1: Choose Your Level of Freedom


Grief |  Loss | Anger | Frustration | Disappointment | Panic  | Anxiety |  Fear

We focus on grounding and connecting with earth in our bodies as part of sustainable service to earth wellness

Level 2:  LEGACIES

Martyrdom | Sacrifice | Scarcity | Poverty |  Solidarity

Create new definitions of change 

Legacy 3:  TRAUMA

Witnessing  | Powerlessness | Organization Burn Out|  Endings 

We focus on healing core feelings of powerlessness and anxiety about earth events

STEP 2: Choose Your Tool of Transformation: 

Spiritual Insight | Energy Healing  | Intuition Development | Ancestor Work 

Spiritual Insight: Free Woman can ‘see’ the spiritual roots of any pattern, legacy or trauma and offer a prescription of release that your soul is calling forth

Energy Healing: Through spiritual insight Free Woman identifies the root of the wound and facilitates energy healing that allows you to let go

Intuition Development: Together – we crate a space of deep self- engagement to get your own information and highest knowing on how to get free

Ancestor Work: We co- create a space of attention, intention, power, healing, love and forgiveness with your ancestors


Have pen and paper ready to take notes. No audio recording allowed. Be in a quiet secure atmosphere. Be able to sit with feet on the ground. Be prepared to participate in your own liberation through an engaging process that allows your own power to be at the center of your own freedom.

60 to 90 Minutes  | Long Distance  | |  Testimonials


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