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We All Have Ancestors. We All Have Inheritance. Heal Yours.

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The Energy of Forgiveness

 How well do you get along with others? We focus on healing your relationship with people, creating healing and supportive community and letting go of past experiences so that you can get present and experience intimacy that we desire/ need/ deserve.


Level 1:  PATTERNS:

Disappointment | Anger | Isolation | Fear | Abuse | Grief | Loss | Shut Down| Unavailable

Forgive yourself and others for being human

 Level 2:  LEGACY:

Capitalism | Loss of Humanity | Greed | Destruction | Deceit  | Betrayal 

Restore trust and belief in yourself and the human race

Level 3:  TRAUMA:

Abuse | Violence | Abandonment | Rejection | Banishment 

Heal trauma created by other human beings 


Timing: 60 to 90 minutes | Schedule:  |  Testimonials


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