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Journey of a Lifetime

From trauma to healer

After 15 years of social change activism, Free Woman came to a profound realization: She needed to heal herself. Beginning in 2013, Free Woman put all her belongings in storage. She went on a healing journey. For six years, Free Woman has been healing herself through travel.  Subject to the Holy Spirit, she goes to where she is called, bearing witness to our power to heal the past through owneship of the present through social media. A fourth generation descendant of the enslaved, Free Woman is currently in Namibia on month 23 of a 2 year healing journey to complete legacies of violence, rape, discrimination, poverty and subjugation through visiting the sites of  slavery, colonialism, genocide and war as part of a larger commitment to teach freedom from the past. Her greatest offering to humanity is lessons learned on her path to freedom. 

‘I got free, you can too.’

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