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Journey of A Lifetime

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‘I got free…You can too’

In April 2017

I left for Africa with $300 to my name

Three little girls got raped and murdered in South Africa

Within the first few months of being in Africa

I let my return ticket go 

I knew I had to be a solution

I had planned on staying one month 

I would end up staying 2 years (and counting)!

Spirit called me the sites of genocide, war, colonization, slavery, rape and revolution

Kenya | Botswana | Tanzania | Mozambique | Rwanda| South Africa | Namibia | Zimbabwe

I knew that I could not be a solution

Until I healed my own inheritance


I returned to the root of my personal and our collective pain

The Soul Wound

The unresolved human atrocities that keep us stuck, repeating, continuing legacies that no longer serve the human race

After traveling in Africa

I realized what I have been doing my whole life:

Spiritual healing of ancestral trauma 

I am now sharing what she has learned on her healing journey 

I realized my greatest offering

Is my own story 

‘I got free…You can too’

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