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Free Woman


Journey of A Lifetime

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‘I got free…You can too’

In April 2017

Free Woman left for Africa with $300 to her name

She had planned on staying for one month

She would end up staying 2 years

She went to the sites of genocide, war, colonization, slavery and rape

Kenya | Botswana | Tanzania | Mozambique | Rwanda| South Africa | Namibia | Zimbabwe

She is currently in Tanzania

She travels to heal the legacies of pain within her

There was no going forward

Without going back

To the root of the wound:


He said, ‘Maybe that is why they call you Free (Woman), because the people are not yet free’

Following in the footsteps of Sojourner Truth

Free Woman knew

She had to free herself

Before she could help free others

She realized she was walking the path of freedom 

 Answering the call of her ancestors

Has lead her to be an answer

To others seeking to heal the past

She realized her greatest gift

Is offering the courage, strength and power

From her healing journey

Her message is one of hope:

‘I got free…You can too’

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