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Healing the Soul Wound 


Journey of A Lifetime

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The Past is Present

Free Woman can ‘see’ the spiritual roots of any pattern, legacy or trauma and facilitate healing with your ancestors

In April 2017,

Free Woman threw a handful of clothes into a Trader Joe’s shopping bag

She boarded an airplane to South Africa with – literally -$300 to her name 

Her plan was to stay one month

She would end up staying for eighteen

Free Woman would be called to the sites of genocide, femicide, war and slavery

The Soul Wound

She realized that she had to heal her own inheritance

Before she could fully be present to others

She went back to the root of the wound in her family: slavery

From December 2017 to November 2018

She followed the slave trade down the east coast of Africa

She learned that the past is present

– As she witnessed the invisible – the people on the ground

Who are marginalized and oppressed from historical forces that have never reached completion

The Energy of Completion

Through traveling to the sites of historical trauma

Free Woman owned her sacred gifts:

She is sensitive to Spirit

Mass suffering and death were symptoms of what she calls: The Soul Wound

The Soul Wound is unhealed ancestral trauma that impacts our collective being

She connected their present time suffering with the lack of completion of past time time historical trauma

She focused on healing historical trauma within herself

She learned that the SOUL WOUND

– the wound of the ancestors –

Could be healed through our own intention, attention and acknowledgement-

She learned her role is to be a healer of the soul wound

She learned she is called to teach others how to get free from the past and create in the present

What the people needed were tools for transformation


Heal Your Inheritance

Healing Separation

Through root work we focus on the energy of completion

We can transform and complete the stories we have been given

-From experience –

Free Woman knows that freedom is possible when we go deeper

-back to the root of the wound –

back to our ancestors

because the ultimate source of the wound

we are – ALL – suffering from is separation

from the gifts | lessons | strength| power | love 

of all those who came before

Root Work

Tools for Transformation

Transform the stories you have been given

She realized her calling was to give people tools to access their own ancestral wisdom, healing and power

To heal the SOUL WOUND and transform their inheritance

To achieve INTERNAL FREEDOM that is necessary to make EXTERNAL CHANGE in their lives

Free Woman compiled all of her tools, gifts, lessons, blessings and experience into a system called ROOT WORK

ROOT WORK is a system of healing that uses storytelling to take people through a process of acknowledgement, healing and letting go

Healing through Storytelling:

⃝ Spiritual Insight: Free Woman can ‘see’ the ancestor stories that are creating your life and how to complete them

⃝ Ancestor Work: Open communication with Spirit to get to the root causes of painful stories, legacies and trauma and heal

⃝ Storytelling: Free Woman tells the stories that break our hearts open to heal what was and create what is

⃝ Meditation: We focus on healing the trauma stories that have become identity and undermine purpose, power and place on the planet

⃝ Motivational Speaking: Free Woman channels stories that teach, heal and inspire freedom

Through ROOT WORK people can fully realize their own potential, answer the call on their own lives, fulfill their own Soul Purpose and create a new legacy for the next generation

Journey of a lifetime

Through returning back to her roots – Free Woman – learned that the Journey of A Lifetime did not begin when she stepped on that airplane in 2017. The Journey Of A Lifetime began when she was born, because everything: EVERYTHING she had gone through prepared her to become the powerful woman she is and to give her the courage, strength and power to transform trauma into high holy service to the healing and transformation of other people’s lives.

Internal Healing, External Change

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