Free Woman


Original Love

Who We Were Before Trauma


Whose life are you living?

The story started before you were born

Sometimes the hurt we carry has been passed down for generations

Sometimes the wound becomes identity | martyrdom | value

The wound impacts our leadership, relationships, our work and our sense of self 

Free Woman facilitates deep self -engagement through what she calls ‘soul journeying’ a type of MEMORY WORK where each person can remember who they are at a cellular, primordial, ancestral, pre- body reality so that they can access their personal power to be different in the face of what was, create what is and leave a legacy worth repeating for the next generation

Results of Soul Journeying:

Deep Inner Peace

Personal Power



Self- worth and self -love




Feel Good 


1:1 | Group | Institution | Partnership 

Timing: 30 | 60 |90 Minutes  | Long Distance or In Person | 


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