She fought for freedom

Free Woman


Till death do us part

Till death do us part?

Folks who talk about death being a force of separation

Don’t know nothin’ about Spirit

There is no separation

No, Sir

There is just on and on and on

The question is: 

How you continue?

He asked, ‘How do you live after that?’

After all those people died At peace or not

And well

Whole bunch a folks dies without justice

And well

Some of us

Are sensitive to justice

Justice for the dead 

Justice for the living 

Asking us all

To make it right

Knowing our healing is inter-connected


Time does not heal all wounds 

Healing does

She heals herself


*Freedom Fighter on the inside

or Free Woman called Mexico to heal her inheritance of slavery

or Free Woman goes to the site of an African slave rebellion in Mexico in 2013

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