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Free Woman is an extraordinary storyteller, but there’s more to it. Her stories have a purpose — to open us to the concept that trauma is not destiny, and that ancestral wounds can be healed.   She encouraged us to breathe with her, and she magically transported us — with her voice, her posture, her poetic words — to different moments in her life when she was able to heal from pain, and expand her own family circle.  From there, she led us in a group brainstorm that helped us each connect back into our own journey and chart a path forward.  Then she lightened the mood and engaged us in deepening our connection to one another through dance, song, and movement.  Finally, we each committed to ourselves through a symbolic ritual of letting go of that which is no longer is serving us.  I am grateful for such a beautiful example of creative expression in the service of the liberation of the human spirit.
-Yael Falicov

Words cannot express the love, light, and freedom rooted inside of Rev. Free Woman. Her soul embodies everything that is beautiful, and bright, and brilliant in this world. And her presence makes the least of these smile from her warmth. She gives the earth affirmation as it spins on its axis, reminding it to spin for peace, love, and humility. And If I could describe Rev. Free Woman, I would say that she is like the tallest flower in a forest spring meadow, or like the coolest winds on a blissful fall night. She is the embodiment of woman and history, and everything about her is right, is love, and is life. And if I couldn’t describe her with words from my mouth, then I would simply close my eyes to envision her presence, and do nothing more than smile.
Chris Ballard

Every time I read Free Woman’s writing, I am captivated. I am captivated because she reveals Spirit hidden in everyday moments. Her writing is daring because it is a daring act to consistently reveal that we are fundamentally spiritual beings. We are captivated by her stories because with all the loss, regret, horror, joy and beauty, she is able to connect to the soul of a person to reveal deeper truth.That our souls crave connection.
Christopher Pease Maeda

Free Woman’s Storytelling Healing event was a powerful experience of doing deep work on multiple levels through multiple channels simultaneously. So, it became a field of intuitive, participatory examination and healing. All of our stories felt interwoven with the stories Free Woman told us from her life, until we became a pulsing core of seeing, speaking, dancing, singing wisdom. Yet, throughout, we maintained awareness of our own life’s journey and how this entwined wisdom illuminated our particular life’s issues. It was an evening of active and organic discovery, the kind that you know goes for deeper, wider and longer than one evening can contain. Still, the closing ritual was fully satisfying, grounding and affirming our self-discoveries and intentions. I felt witnessed and revitalized, empowered and held in a web of understanding and support. This event was beautiful, enriching, joyful and full of the unexpected… just like Free Woman!
– Grace Gilliam

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