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 Spiritual Insight

  • I’ve always respected you as a true Seer, because I’ve only ever given you my name and then you read my info/energy. You just have a gift and have harnessed it and allow yourself to follow and trust Spirit, so therefore Spirit/Source flows clearly through you. -Anneli
  •  I cannot begin to express how validating and reaffirming your reading was for me. Again, bless you and thank you for helping to clarify as well as clear up much of my life’s conundrum in such a brief reading. You helped untangle the web that I have been working hard to untangle, but I simply could not figure it our all by myself. – Aisha
  • Thank you Free Woman! You gave me such an incredible gift. I really appreciated your insight, grace, calmness, clarity, and laughter throughout our session. Throughout the reading & the healing I felt so seen, so held, so validated, renewed. It was deeply powerful and I’m feeling the new energies resound and begin to circulate within me. Thank you for believing in me and for helping me believe in my own transformation. – Zemora

Ancestor Work

  • The ancestral healing I received from Free Woman that has liberated me. Let’s just say life is completely different. I have never felt so free in my body, mind, spirit and emotions. I knew that my lineage held pain, but I did not realize it kept me limited and cycling in so many negative patterns. All of that was in my DNA and affecting me in my everyday life; it was weird how I could feel myself react to certain things like I was traumatized but have no recollection of anything happening this lifetime. I am so blessed to begin to live my life without that [baggage] weighing me down! I am a new woman!   -Olivia 
  • I want to spread the word that one of the most powerful healers I know! I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone seeking ancestral connection and healing inter-generational trauma, and anyone is looking for a safe and high quality first time reading. Support a black healer in doing the endless internal work that keeps the Universe living.   Roxana
  •  If you get the chance to work with Free Woman, I think you’re incredibly lucky. It’s rare to find someone with such keen insight into and compassion for the human condition, such an expansive view of spirituality and such a deep commitment to the inter-generational view of justice and healing. If you are feeling stuck in your life and needing an outside perspective to help you make sense of things, I deeply recommend booking a session.  – Tad


Death Doula

  • Free Woman is a powerful and fierce healer to work with. Her readings are spot on, I often have shivers up my spine. This tells me that she is channeling direct messages from Spirit. She surfaced in my life exactly at the moment that I needed her support and guidance. This isn’t accidental. Her insights into ancestral healing are especially impactful for me, as an Afro-descended woman. Free Woman is clear and detailed in her readings and communications. I am deeply thankful for the blessing of being able to work with her to let go of karma that doesn’t serve me, so that I can fully inhabit this life. Working together has helped me to connect tangibly with my spirit guides, recognize messages as well as future directions. Real. I have also found Free Woman to be receptive to my questions and needs, in finding the most effective and open way for us to work.  – Charlotte


  • Free woman is an incredibly gifted healer. Over a great physical distance, she was able to attune to and radically effect my emotional, spiritual and physical body by clearing and cutting harmful binds to people and beliefs. She reached across space-time into multigenerational trauma and offered deep insight, healing and repair. I felt and continue to feel palpably different on multiple levels after our session. It was deep. –Allison


Healing Parties

  •  My first healing experience with Free Woman, was in a group session. I didn’t expect a whole lot, thinking that I only had a limited time with the healer. The next day in my yoga class, I felt the physical and emotional manifestation of the guidance that both Free Woman and my ancestors offered. I felt the encouragement of my ancestors, as I allowed the process to unravel. Lo and behold, that short session gave me a lasting ‘leap’, on my journey of wholeness, and I was able to begin to take the necessary steps to release the bondage. Subsequent telephone sessions with Free Woman, all pertaining to different aspects of my healing and freedom, have yielded large steps toward my goals of empowerment, healthy relationships, and understanding of myself, and my ancestors. – Yanina  

 Trauma Healing


  • Free Woman’s work has transformed my life. I started working with her about five years ago, and I can say I was a very different person then. I wasn’t even clear about the healing journey I’d embark upon, but there was something about the way Free Woman worked with me, that let me know I could trust her and that she was serious about people healing. What I’ve cherished most about working with Free Woman is that she comes to this healing work with a sense of ease, delight, fierceness, and intentionality. She knows how to keep people safe while they are releasing trauma and doing the intense work of healing. I haven’t met a healer that’s as skilled in holding so much pain, and yet having so much love for humanity, as her. Over the years she has supported me in resolving my own family trauma, given me resources to do my own inner work, and has used her words to soothe the places in myself I couldn’t bear to deal with. If you decide to work with Free Woman, just know that this might be someone you want to walk with on your healing journey for a long time.  – Itoro


  •  “I am still struggling to find the words to talk about my experience working with Free Woman. We had an energy reading over the phone, and she read my energy instantly, with all the nuances and challenges that I was about to share with her. My heart and ears completely open to her, I then let our session unfold. In addition to her insight and her generosity, I deeply appreciate how considerate and trauma-aware Free Woman is, frequently asking if I was doing ok and if I needed a break. An image remains in my mind since our time together: the handcuffs around my wrists are there, but there are loose and I can easily escape. Now that I am aware of this, the moment I find myself hostage of these powerful energies, I am able to get them off me with a laugh. I will continue to go back to the notes I have from our session, and I feel both extremely grateful and excited to continue my work with Free Woman in the future. I would recommend her work to any of my close friends!” – Estelle

Heal the Healers

  • Just wanted to let you know that after our session the eczema that I had developed around my eyes about 4 months ago got really bad for a few days and then completely went away… Feeling pretty great about that 🙂 Thanks again! – Ka
  • Working with Free Woman has been deeply transformative for me. I have never encountered such a gifted healer. Free Woman’s guidance comes from the ancestors, and working with her enables me to connect deeply to my ancestors, the spirit world and my life path in a way that I could not do on my own. Her energy healing supports me in clearing out what I no longer need to hold on to so I have room to truly begin my healing. Free Woman is gentle, warm, compassionate, and she is firmly grounded in anti-oppression and liberation for all. I am grateful to have worked with her in the brief time that I have had, and I feel like our journey together is just beginning. – Nadia




Healing Artist 

  • Thank you so much dearest. This reading awaken me in the most energizing and powerful way. I have many projects in front of me and I was procrastinating and stuck in sticky ways. Now i’m back to work with courage and clarity. – Anna 
  • So I met Free Woman in a moment where I needed to check in with myself because I was, without consciously knowing, re-producing traumas that were cutting me from my ability to become what I am. Free Woman is also giving tools to make yourself know yourself so that you also are able to be independent in you’re own healing, which is priceless.   – Anouk 


Long Distance Healing

  • Free Woman is a spirit I feel truly grateful to have encountered! We had a Skype session! The accuracy with which she was able to describe certain aspects of my self and life is unparalleled (with no information other than my name and hearing/feeling my energy)… Shedding light on the dynamics that have repeated themselves throughout lifetimes, and opening up a broader context of what can be learnt from them, and actively changing patterns. And wisdom in terms of active tools that can help you, personally, in every day life based on what she gathers from your energy. I would so dearly recommend having a reading done with her if you are able. She’s also a black woman who GETS IT.  – Joy 
  • Free Woman is a truly gifted healer. Though we worked by telephone, she was able to provide a powerful lasting healing for my physical and emotional symptoms. And so much fun to work with!  We worked on family patterns which I’d been unable to clear on my own. As my sister, who recommended her said, “Free Woman is the real deal.” – Amy

Sustainable Activism

  • Free Woman’s work is about freeing the internal self & healing trauma so that revolution and change can be sustained on the outside. – St
  • Free Woman facilitates pathways for you to let go of old thought / relationship-patterns, emotional habits, trauma, legacies inherited from ancestors or past lives and ultimately grow more empowered into the person you were meant to be. I especially appreciate the work Free Woman does as a Black woman and her commitment to support queer and trans Black, Indigenous people of color who are struggling to figure out activism, community, inherited/ongoing legacies of oppression and violence, relationships with ancestors, all as part of what it means to heal, resist and thrive. – Shelly  



Personal Goals and Development

  • Free Woman is so worth the huge life wisdom and guidance she shares! She grounds me in the big confusing questions and has helped me make huge shifts in my life, like finally moving from Cali after 2 years of contemplation, up and downs and discontent there. I didn’t know it then but I needed the huge push to live my life differently and with more care. Free Woman helped clear the way for me to do so.  – Shreya 


  • ‘Free Woman is one of the most powerful, tender, connected women I have ever encountered. We turned off video during our Skype call due to a slow connection, but the sound of my voice was enough of a signal for her to see deep into my present, my past, and my future, and the sound of hers was exactly what I needed: a window into my soul. She read me like a book! I came away knowing why I felt so much imbalance in my life, feeling more compassion for and understanding of myself than ever. Opening up to her helped me open up to myself, and I am eternally grateful for the encounter.’ – Cameron 


  • I received a spiritual healing from Free Woman that connected with my ancestors, created new spiritual contracts, released karmic dynamics, and realigned my energy centers…all in an hour and a half.:) She gets into your inner world and helps your clean up the place according to what your soul is truly calling out to create. She is the real deal and I just wanted to let you know. Take advantage of her offer! – AshEL


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