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Unleashing My Grandmother’s God

“Unleashing My Grandmother’s God: Prayers of Possibility” (Unleashing) is a book of commentary, visions with ancestors and prayers that seeks to address our inheritance of conditional love, shame, suffering and fear based theologies that have been handed to all of us and girls and women in particular. 
“Unleashing” became possible through my grandmother Ms. Mattie Brown. Ms. Mattie had passed on a 64-paged pocket- sized book entitled, “A Girl’s Book of Prayers” (Girls). Pilgrim Press printed “Girls” by Margaret Slattery in 1942. “Girls” is a series of prayers written for girls on a variety of topics that include discouragement, tempers and selfishness and various events including graduation and training.
“Girls” was simply out of alignment with my conception of God. I decided that I could re-write it using my personal experience as the basis of the book. I decided that I could re-write it to reflect the unconditionally loving relationship with God that I was cultivating in present time.  I decided to write it using language that was easy to read while addressing difficult and complex issues. Some of the prayers, I wrote specifically for girls, but the majority of the prayers were revised without a particular gender in mind.
A percentage of all sales goes to support Free Woman to bring her healing word to traumatized communities globally. Thank you for your support!
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