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Free Woman is raising $3,000 to cross the Atlantic by boat

 Free Woman just completed 2 years of following the former slave trade, colonization and war in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Rwanda, Mozambique and Zambia as part of an initiation to learn how to complete ancestral trauma.  Free Woman is currently in Tanzania. She is now being called back to the US to teach what she has learned on her healing journey as part of a global healing activism tour that will take her across the former slave trade in the southern US, Canada, Brazil and South Africa.

Look for Free Woman to come to a city near you:

September 2019

How do you complete an epic journey?

Spirit is calling her to return to the US by the way her ancestors came:

By boat across the Atlantic sea 

Free Woman will sprinkle white flowers across the Atlantic sea

To honor those that died in the trans Atlantic slave trade

Spirit is calling us ALL to complete what no longer serves ourselves | each other | the planet 

Create a new legacy 

Your support allows Free Woman to answer the call of her ancestors! 

DEADLINE: May 30, 2019 

Three Ways You can Help:

1.Pay Pal: Save on fees through a direct donation:

Donate $10/ $25/ $50/ $100/ $200  here:

2. Patreon: On going support appreciated!

Monthly donations accepted here:

3. Go Fund Me: Make donations for flight + boat ride here:

Answer the call 

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