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The Energy of Completion 

A Meditation class with Free Woman

Are you dying? Of course we all are dying, but sometimes we get caught in death throws like you are caught in the jaws of an alligator. Caught in repetition, one big circle, same relationship different face, no money again, work that does not express all of who we are. We are caught in repeating patterns, legacy and trauma that came before us. It is time to live. Be fully alive. Create what makes us have joy and feel good. To move on. To let go. To let end what needs to end. To begin what is needed to begin. To move on from what we need to move on from, but most importantly to own our authority in determining where it is we want to go.  Create your life from the inside out 

60 minutes


 September 21 to October 19, 2019

Long Distance | $375 | Space Limited to 10 people 

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